10th May 2012

The Queen's Speech

It was no surprise that the Queen’s Speech was all over the news yesterday as everyone has a stake in what was to be announced. We at Gradcore, and our sister companies, Graduates Yorkshire and GradsEast were watching to hear about what the government’s plans were for young people (specifically out of work graduates) and Higher Education.

Unfortunately we were to be disappointed. The awaited Higher Education Bill, which was expected to regulate the involvement of the private sector in university education, was not included. Labour MP David Lammy criticised the government's lack of a Higher Education Bill and said they had left students who are facing uncertainty with the issue "kicked into the long grass." There was also no mention of jobs for young people either which was later criticised by David Milliband who said there was “nothing” in the programme for young people looking for work.

On the flip side, the government have stated that the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill would "create the right conditions for economic recovery" which, if true, would help create those much needed jobs. Let’s face it, economic growth and job creation is the focus of debate.

The mission of the Gradcore family is to help graduates be as employable as possible and help companies access great graduate talent, but without stimulus of growth and job creation this is made considerably more difficult. As for the missing Higher Education Bill, the impact of this has been summed up by the Universities UK blog here http://bit.ly/KoVNht

To see what was in and what was out of the Queens Speech click here. http://bbc.in/JiAZr4