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Virtual Assessments

Virtual assessment centres have been part of the recruiter toolkit for some time, but their adoption has rapidly increased since the Covid-19 situation emerged.

We've been working with digital and online assessments for more than a decade, and have experience in both creating online experiences and digitising offline assessments for the online environment.

Outlined below you'll find our full range of remotely delivered assessment and selection services:

Virtual Process Healthcheck

We offer a remotely delivered audit and review of your current selection process. We review the entire candidate journey, from application through to onboarding, and provide you with pragmatic and practical recommendations for shifting the whole process online, or refining a current online process.

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Online group and individual assessments

Design and delivery of end to end selection services, including online assessment centres, interviews and psychometrics. We have worked with clients to develop new online assessments, and transition existing offline assessments into online environments. We can both support you in the process of developing these, or build them for you.

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Trained and experienced assessors

We have a large bank of highly experienced recruiters and assessors who have been trained in online assessment delivery. We can provide an entire virtual assessment team, or give you additional assessor capacity at short notice where required to maintain business as usual.

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