17th June 2020

Leadership in Lockdown is a series of short interviews we've carried out with leaders from the worlds of Higher Education and Early Talent.

We’ve created the Leadership in Lockdown interviews to take a look at how different people are approaching leadership under this period of lockdown and beyond.

Our latest Leadership in Lockdown interview in partnership with AGCAS takes the form of a panel and features Shona Johnston Dr Jon Howden-Evans Joanne Beaumont Adele Browne and Elaine Boyes.

In the discussion, we cover topics and questions including:

  • What is the shelf life of careers services in universities in the UK?
  • What do we do about digital inequality during COVID?
  • How to work with academics to co-develop online curriculum?
  • What long term changes will we see in university careers services?
  • Which leaders have demonstrated great leadership in this crisis?