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Zero Waste Graduate Recruitment.

Supporting sustainable futures.

Zero waste is a goal that now applies in all walks of life – people are changing the way they live and work to be more ethical, efficient and economical. And that includes graduate recruitment. The aim of our support is simple: to deliver outstanding candidate experience from your brand by making every applicant more employable, even if they don’t get the job.

No time goes to waste

By better understanding who the business needs to engage, we actively try to reduce the number of applications a scheme receives by ensuring the advertising only reaches the right talent. Because no one likes wasting their time.

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A more engaging experience

Our application processes are streamlined for the applicant and the recruiter. The recruitment team has enough detail on which to base a decision and the candidate doesn’t feel disengaged by the end of the process.

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Always learning

Every applicant receives feedback based on their performance in the recruitment process. The further an applicant progresses, the more incremental feedback they receive. Candidates are clearer on how they have performed and how to improve in the future.

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Good intentions get rewarded

By being more transparent and responsible recruiters, our clients have noticed improved performance in external metrics like the top 100 graduate recruiters.

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